Keep Time In Style

Miller & Miller's upcoming June 7-8 auctions will feature a rare Canadian clock collection, as well as vintage fountain pens, fine art, and more.

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Omega: a Cultural Icon

Only one watch brand can claim to be the last word in pop culture: Omega. Founded in 1903, this Swiss company has proved time and again to be a favorite among movie stars, rock stars, political stars, sports stars – even people who travel among the stars.

Patek Philippe: A Timely Investment

As smartphones have become part of our everyday, the role of the wristwatch has changed. When you wear a watch today, you announce to the world that you have style. And when that watch is a Patek Philippe timepiece, you're not only make a style statement – you're making an investment.

What You Need to Know about Buying a Pocket Watch

Although we live in a highly digitized, smart-phone driven world, the classic pocket watch appears to be making a comeback. Whilst there are new models coming out on the market, the consensus seems to be that older, antique pocket watches carry more allure. In this sense, pocket watches have become as much of a fashion statement and conversation piece as they are a practical way to tell time.