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The Story Behind Cattelan's Banana

The most talked about and viewed artwork at Art Basel Miami Beach this year was undoubtedly the most simple: a banana duct taped to the wall at Galerie Perrotin's booth. Here is the story behind Comedian.

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The Allure of Atsuko Tanaka

Alex Cooper's upcoming sale will be led by an abstract work by modern Japanese artist Atsuko Tanaka, who pioneered a new avant-garde vocabulary in Japan during the second half of the 20th century.

The Illicit Love Letters of Ian Fleming

Known for creating secret agent James Bond, British author Ian Fleming wrote letters just as dramatic as his novels, a selection of which will be headed to auction in December. Containing gossip, successes and sadomasochistic confessions, the correspondence with his love Ann Charteris unveils the intimate life of the novelist.

Louise Bourgeois: Mother of Modernity

Despite having only gained belated recognition for her work, Louise Bourgeois’ creations have placed her among the most expensive female artists at auction. They are often subject to new interpretations, frequently saturated with psychoanalyst and feminist allusions.

Fernand Léger: Art in Full Swing

Fernand Léger had a wide and varied career in the arts, from creating paintings and sculptures to designing sets and directing films. With a style falling somewhere between Cubism and naïve art, Léger’s paintings often make a positive impression on the viewer. His primary colors and plump figures are almost universally appealing, and collectors from all over the world appreciate the creations.

Matisse: Master of the Fauves

A major figure in 20th-century painting, Henri Matisse has influenced many renowned artists. With humble beginnings as a notary’s clerk from Saint-Quentin, Matisse went on to become one of the best-rated French painters and sculptors in the world, a label that still stands today.

A Restoration Reveals A Steak's True State

How much is the viewer missing out on when an artwork hasn’t been restored in a long time? Apparently, a lot. Recently, conservators were surprised when a Dutch still life was restored: the painting that was previously thought to depict a dirty 16th-century kitchen would prove to show something else entirely.

Egon Schiele: A Singular Style

One hundred years after his early death, Egon Schiele's tortured work has never been so in touch with the spirit of the times, marked by uncomplicated egotism and a fascinating relationship with existential unease.

The First Mixed Reality Piece at Auction

Marina Abramović’s ‘The Life’, a digital performance presented at the Serpentine Gallery earlier this year, will be auctioned by Christie's in October 2020. This is the first work of this type to be presented at auction, pushing the boundaries of the existing market.

A New Record for Artemisia Gentileschi

A painting that sat in a private French collection for over 40 years was recently found to be the work of Artemisia Gentileschi, one of the foremost artists of the 17th century. Last week, the rediscovered ‘Lucretia’ made a new record for the artist, selling for over $6 million.