In the Lap of Luxury

HVMC, a Monte Carlo auction house, will end the auction season in style with a series of exceptional sales comprising seven different categories and nearly 2,500 lots. Here are the highlights of the sale, from art and jewelry to fashion accessories and archaeological treasures.

The Angel of the House to the New Lady: Women's Fashion in the 19th Century

From the very earliest of civilisations, fashion has been one of the most significant components of a community’s culture, and a means of expressing endless messages. Whether one is using it to represent social status, wealth, class, vocation, or personal tastes, it can provide an insight into what values and traditions were held by the wearer and the society of the time. The 19th century especially was an era in which appearances were paramount and a woman’s wardrobe could tell the story of her world.

A World of Leather and Silk

For decades, the legendary brand Hermès has been top of the French luxury industry. Since its formation in 1837, the company offers everything from clothes and handbags to perfumes and jewelry. Barnebys tells the tale about a classical brand in constant development.

6 wardrobe staples for spring

With spring just around the corner it’s time for a wardrobe update. At Barnebys you can shop for fashion icons as well as the trends of last season. We think you should start with the staples - pieces you will wear, and love, forever.

The La La Land look

La La Land is on everyone's lips - the Oscar frontrunner by the young director Damien Chazelle is set to dominate awards season. Starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, the musical tells the tale of their love affair as they try to 'make it' in Hollywood.

Orange is the new black

It's not so much one man's trash is another man's treasure, rather one man's treasure is another man's treasure. From Rolex, Hermès, to cars and jewellery, you can bid for a little piece of luxury at Seized Assets Auctioneers with starting prices as low as $1.

'Happy Birthday Mr/Mrs President' That iconic Monroe dress hits auction block

The date is Saturday, May 19, 1962, it's the Democratic fundraiser at Madison Square Garden and President John F. Kennedy is nearing his 45th birthday. Out steps a sultry Monroe, wearing a white ermine fur coat which she removes to reveal a skintight, sheer, flesh-colored dress. The design by Jean Louis featured over 2 500 hand stitched crystals and became one of the most iconic garments in entertainment and political history.