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The word “renaissance” means “rebirth”, which referred to the renewed interest in antiquity. The style came late to Sweden, around 1520, an era that coincided with Gustav Vasa’s accession to the throne (1523). Furniture from this period has a rigid architectural structure and is designed with the same sense of symmetry as buildings. Armoires and beds were the finest pieces of furniture of the Renaissance. Intarsia was new to the period. Decorative elements included arabesques, acanthus decoration, grotesque decoration, and ornamental fittings.

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Finding a piece of furniture and wondering if it would suit your living room is one thing, but to truly comprehend the era and influence of the style of the item is another. To aid you in better understanding the different styles and origin of items on auction, we have provided a brief history of styles and trends of each era starting from the 16th century until the present day.