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Art Deco Furniture

Art Deco has become one of the most iconic, recognized and revived styles in the history of art, architecture and design. The style emerged from France in the 1910s - deriving its name from the term 'art décoratif' - but reached its peak during the Jazz Age in the following decade. The style was influenced by various artistic movements, including Cubism, De Stijl and Fauvism, resulting in the unmistakable geometric shapes and vibrant colours. The style originated from furniture and textile design, but rapidly spread also to art, fashion, jewelry and architecture. Art Deco furniture designers focused on symmetry and clean lines, with subtle carving and ornament. Whilst design was understated, Art Deco pieces were given a luxurious finish through the use of opulent materials such as teak, ebony, lacquered wood, hige, ivory and chrome. One of the most important designers from this era was Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann (1879-1933), who is often dubbed the 'Master of Art Deco'.

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