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Stained Glass

Glass has been colored by humans for thousands of years, with evidence of this practice dating back to antiquity. Stained glass is most commonly associated with the windows of religious spaces, including churches, synagogues and mosques. In this type of setting, the glass can be colored into various patterns which produce fantastic light effects on the interior space - as is seen in Antoni Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia - or to intricately illustrate a religious scene, e.g. the medieval Siena Cathedral in Italy. As well as in these monumental settings, stained glass can be found in the home in a variety of forms. Smaller stained glass windows in the home became popular during the Victorian times. Stained glass has also been used to create elegant household items and decorative pieces. Perhaps one of the most famous designers to used stained glass was Louis Comfort Tiffany, the first design director at the luxury jewelers, Tiffany & Co. Despite being first created well over a century ago, the artist's 'Tiffany lamps', inspired by the Art Nouveau movement, are still coveted and imitated today.

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