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In 1874, Swiss farmer Georges Piaget established his company manufacturing pocket watches with high-precision movements in his small workshop; today, the Piaget brand produces luxury wristwatches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings which are sold globally and are made with the same celebrated craftsmanship. The passion for horological innovation was continued by the Piaget famiy, with Georges' grandsons, Gérald and Valentin, overseeing the company in the 1950s as it introduced its signature ultra-thin watch movements. The popular 'Altiplano' line uses these movements, creating delicate, light timepieces with the same reliable mechanics. Another of Piaget's iconic models, the 'Emperador' watch, is renowned for its opulent finish and unique designs; the 'Emperador Temple' boasts over 600 diamonds and comes with a $3.3 million price tag. After over 140 years of production, Piaget has been recognised as one of the top ten prestigious jewelry brands in the world.

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