Murano Glass

For many centuries, the Venetian island of Murano has produced exquisite glass creations - a craft which has been protected by strict rules and regulations surrounding its manufacture. The production of glass in Venice was moved from the city centre to the island during the late 13th century, under the pretence of preventing fires that could be started by the furnaces used for glassmaking; however, it is believed that this restriction to location was in fact introduced to maintain the secrets of the trade. Over its extensive production history, Murano glass has been coveted for its unique designs and vibrant colors. The process of hand-blowing the glass results in its characteristic bubbles and asymmetry. Some of the most popular items crafted from Murano glass include jewelry, beads, chandeliers and fish figurines. Forgeries of Murano glass are extremely common, so it is crucial to look for signs of authenticity, such as stamps and signatures.

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