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Longcase Clock

Longcase clocks - more commonly known as grandfather clocks - were popular timekeeping devices from the 17th up until the 20th century. Thought to have been first pioneered by English clockmaker William Clement (1638-1704), the longcase clock was renowned for its precision and impeccable accuracy. The length of the clock allowed for longer pendulum, increasing the timepiece's accuracy. As these clocks were commonly chosen for the domestic setting, the cases were often elegantly designed with intricate carving or crafted from opulent woods. A number of prominent longcase clock makers emerged across Europe and the United States, particularly from Great Britain; important names include Timothy Mason, Alker of Wigan and John Calver. Despite a decline in popularity from the early 20th century onwards, antique longcase clocks are still coveted today for their beauty and the history surrounding them.