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Helmer Osslund (1866-1938) Sweden

Helmer Osslund was a Swedish visual artist whose surname was originally Åslund. Osslund changed his name when he traveled to the US as a 20-year old to become an architect. However, he did not linger long in the US and once back home in Sweden, he began studying at the University College of Arts, Crafts & Design, which was called Tekniska Skolan at that time, as well as at the Konstnärsförbundet (Artists Association) art school in Stockholm. For a time he also studied under the tutelage of Paul Gaugin in Paris at the Académie Colarossi.
Osslund took a job as a decoration painter at the porcelain factory Gustafsbergs Porslinsfabrik. At the onset of his career Osslund was considered to be a realist, but he subsequently transitioned to a more expressionistic style. Ultimately, Osslund became known for his Expressionism, especially his expressive landscape paintings of nature in Northern Sweden.
Osslund’s work is represented in museums throughout Sweden, including Nationalmuseum.