The concept of Ephemera derives from the Ancient Greek adjective ephemeros, meaning 'lasting only a day'; today, ephemera is defined as 'collectable items that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity'. Ephemera encompasses a broad range of items, from postcards to tickets to newspaper clippings. These items can be of particular interest if related to a notable person or group; for instance, there is a consistent market for ephemera and memorabilia related to iconic English rock band, the Beatles. Items from specific time periods can also be of value, such as postcards dating from 1890 to 1920; these thirty years were considered the 'Golden Age of Postcards', with talented illustrators - e.g. Raphael Kirchner and Ellen Clapsaddle - producing charming postcard designs. Sketches and doodles from renowned artists are also sought-after forms of ephemera, often providing further insight into an artist's mindset.

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