Dolls House

The first documented use of dolls as toys dates back to 1st century AD Greece, although there is evidence of dolls made from rough materials used for magical and religious purposes as far back as 2000 BC. Vintage dollhouses - alongside their accompanying furniture and figurines - have become highly sought after on the market. First manufactured by highly-skilled craftsmen in 16th century Europe, the miniature houses were originally marketed as a means of displaying wealth. The later mass-production saw a shift in purpose and audience, with the dollhouse becoming a plaything for children. The beauty and intricacy of vintage dollhouses have reclaimed the past adult interest in these items, with fine examples of these miniature houses holding significant value. The title of most expensive dollhouse in the world is attributed to the Astolat Dollhouse Castle, which is valued at $8.5 million. It measures almost 3 metres in height, has a total of 29 rooms and contains over 10,000 miniature items.

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