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Despite being first created during the 17th century, cufflinks did not become popular until almost one hundred years later. Used to fasten the cuffs of shirts in place of buttons, cufflinks are produced in a variety of materials, including precious metals, silk and leather. Cufflinks also come in different designs, such as swivel bars, knots and double panels. The front face of cufflinks are often decorated with gems, inlays or enamel, ranging from simplistic, timeless designs to bold and flamboyant ones. After a brief decline in popularity during the 1970s, cufflinks today remain an important aspect of traditional male dress. Most mens' jewelry and fashion brands today produce cufflinks, with mid-range brands like Jaeger and Paul Smith offering sets generally ranging between $20 and $150. Luxury brands such as Tiffany & Co. and Montblanc manufacture cufflinks with price tags of up to several thousand dollars.

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