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Carl Malmsten (1888-1972) Sweden

Carl Malmsten was a Swedish interior decorator and furniture designer. Malmsten grew up in an upper middle-class family in the Stockholm area. In the early twentieth century, in addition to pursuing independent studies, he was an apprentice carpenter and interned for an architect firm. Malmsten quickly became established as one of Sweden’s most intriguing furniture designers and was awarded commissions for projects such as the Stockholm City Hall, Concert Hall, Tändstickspalatset (Matchstick Palace) and Ulriksdal Palace. He also participated in numerous exhibitions at spaces such as Liljevalchs. Malmsten was appointed professor and worked hard to reform the crafts program in school. Along with his wife Siv and a few friends, he founded a private nine-year compulsory school, Olofskolan.
Malmsten found great inspiration and wisdom in nature, where he felt that spontaneous creativity was better than precision creativity.

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