Since 1775, timepieces from luxury Swiss watchmaker Breguet have been coveted by royalty and aristocracy. Amongst the first of these notable patrons was Queen Marie Antoinette, who was amazed by Abraham-Louis Breguet's wonderful creations in court; in honor of the french icon, the 'Breguet No.160 Grand Complication' - also known as the 'Marie Antoinette' - was released in 1827. After over one hundred years of family-run business, the company's ownership changed on several occasions throughout the 20th century, until finally being taken over by the Swatch Group. Over its expansive history, Breguet has produced a number of classic models which remain favorites amongst horological enthusiasts. One of the more recent collections, 'La Tradition', released in 2005, is distinguished by its open face exposing the intricate mechanics of the watch. Perhaps the most popular Breguet ladies watch is the 'Reine de Naples', crafted with diamonds and inspired by Abraham-Louis' original creation for the Queen of Naples.

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