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Arts & Graphics

Modern, Post-War, Contemporary art, Old Masters and more

81 880 objects

0 – 2 260 000 USD

Watches & Clocks

From wristwatches, to grandfather clocks and pocket watches, it's all here

22 683 objects

0 – 255 000 USD

Jewelry & Gems

From diamonds, to costume and vintage jewelry, search it all here

56 963 objects

0 – 18 700 000 USD


Search for collectible designer furniture including couches, dressers and chairs.

30 612 objects

0 – 325 000 USD

Sports Memorabilia

Find here sports memorabilia, vintage sporting equipment and collectables.

7 369 objects

0 – 22 900 USD

Coins & Banknotes

Here you will find all kind of coins and banknotes.

25 338 objects

0 – 397 000 USD


Browse amongst all sculptures such as, busts and sculpture in marble, bronze, plaster or plastics. All sold at auction.

39 506 objects

0 – 148 000 000 USD

Toys & Collectables

Here you find all collectables and toys that has been sold at auction. Find trains and cars, Star War figures, baseball cards and autographs.

808 685 objects

0 – 4 400 000 USD

Vehicles & Automotive

All car and automotive auctions sold recently are found here. Motorcycles, bicycles, mopeds, tractors, classic cars and all things motorized.

162 228 objects

0 – 36 400 000 USD


Find realized prices from renowned artists and photographers. Contemporary photography, classical portraits and more is listed here.

116 501 objects

0 – 5 700 000 USD

Porcelain & Pottery

This section is devoted to ceramics, antique vases, Chinese ceramics and plates made of stoneware, flint, porcelain or faience.

545 528 objects

0 – 35 800 000 USD

Works of Art

This section is devoted to all works of art. Find everything from small sculptures and busts to tramp art and hand made wooden boxes.

43 objects

230 – 46 700 USD

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Poppin' bottles with Henry Aldridge & Son

We love that Barnebys can offer everything from newly produced ceramics, to 1950s Danish furniture, to fine art to even the very best from the Victorian era. But sometimes our auction houses really outdo themselves.

Auction News

Basquiat, the radiant child

Despite a career that lasted only a decade, Jean Michel Basquiat succeeded in influencing the American art scene in a way that few others managed to do. His powerful forms of expression, full of symbolism, texts and stick figures whose critical motives were directed against the commercialization and racist structures of America in the 1980's are as relevant today as when Basquiat was at the peak of his career.

Art, Culture & Luxury

Make a Statement with John Pye

Aren't you a bit tired of desecrated jewelry? Well so are we! The flimsy days of thin, delicate rings and dainty chains are over, it’s now time for the chunky pieces to re-enter the stage. John Pye’s upcoming auction features several chunky, fashionable pieces for you to lay for hands on. The statement ring is back!

Barnebys Global

Wimbledon- the legacy and the legends

World class tennis, strawberries and cream, the three vital ingredients for a perfect Wimbledon championship! As the annual competition draws to a close, we’ll be taking a look at what makes Wimbledon internationally renowned as one of the finest tennis competitions in the world and its iconic legacy.

Art, Culture & Luxury

Bizarre sales in auction history

A 4-millimeter strand of Napoleon Bonaparte's hair sold for €2,400 on Catawiki in 2015. But this is not the first time unusual memorabilia of famous figures have sold for extortionate amounts. Here we delve into some of the most obscure auction sales in auction history.

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