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Arts & Graphics

Modern, Post-War, Contemporary art, Old Masters and more

56 605 objects

0 – 20 700 000 USD

Watches & Clocks

From wristwatches, to grandfather clocks and pocket watches, it's all here

22 648 objects

0 – 6 570 000 USD

Jewelry & Gems

From diamonds, to costume and vintage jewelry, search it all here.

76 968 objects

0 – 38 500 000 USD

Furniture, Design & Mirrors

Click here for furniture including couches, dressers, and chairs, as well as furniture for the garden

28 319 objects

0 – 7 030 000 USD


Discover exquisite marble, bronze, plaster or plast sculptures

2 592 objects

0 – 2 510 000 USD

Fashion & Vintage

Here you will find auctions featuring clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and headwear, from vintage bargains to high-fashion luxury items

16 036 objects

0 – 70 300 USD


Browse amongst all sculptures such as, busts and sculpture in marble, bronze, plaster or plastics. All sold at auction.

31 037 objects

0 – 141 000 000 USD

Toys & Collectables

Here you find all collectables and toys that has been sold at auction. Find trains and cars, Star War figures, baseball cards and autographs.

158 562 objects

0 – 1 020 000 USD

Vehicles & Automotive

All car and automotive auctions sold recently are found here. Motorcycles, bicycles, mopeds, tractors, classic cars and all things motorized.

60 536 objects

0 – 28 100 000 USD


Find realized prices from renowned artists and photographers. Contemporary photography, classical portraits and more is listed here.

74 113 objects

0 – 1 550 000 USD

Porcelain & Pottery

This section is devoted to ceramics, antique vases, Chinese ceramics and plates made of stoneware, flint, porcelain or faience.

377 743 objects

0 – 14 200 000 USD

Works of Art

This section is devoted to all works of art. Find everything from small sculptures and busts to tramp art and hand made wooden boxes.

9 836 objects

0 – 7 330 000 USD

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Ai Weiwei and Shepard Fairey mark #100DaysofTrump with skateboards

With Trump's administration in office for 100 days, the art world has marked the moment with a limited edition collection of skateboards created by Ai Weiwei and Shepard Fairey.

Art, Culture & Luxury

How America adopted Dalí's ''bad'' religious period

In 2010, Salvador Dalí's later period of work was showcased at Atlanta's High Museum of Art. During this stage of his career, Dalí had returned to his Roman Catholic faith. It was a period that excited Dalí enthusiasts in America, whilst simultaneously being hailed by critics as shameless self-promotion and an insincere concern with faith.

Art, Culture & Luxury

The Hiscox Online Art Trend Report 2017: Barnebys stands at the forefront with the next generation of buyers

According to The Hiscox Online Art Trend Report 2017, online sales in the art market has risen by 15% compared to last year, with Instagram coming out as the most effective sales channel in social media and Barnebys becoming the fastest climbing online player in the world.

Pontus Silfverstolpe

Dillon Boy: From Mickey Mouse to Mr President

So how did a teenage boy's love for comic books lead him to become one of this generation's most prolific street artists, capturing President Barack Obama with his spray can?

Art, Culture & Luxury

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