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Affiliating with Barnebys will connect you with a diverse group of buyers. And since a large proportion of them are new to auctions and the world of art and antiques, many haven't heard of your auction house or gallery. That is until now. The auction world has developed immensely in recent years. It morphed from being a secluded market into a digital playground accessible to everyone. As the amount and variety of objects on the market has grown, so has the numbers of buyers on the market.

The amount of people using our services keeps growing, and since our visitors are well acquainted with e-commerce and are dedicated shoppers, we can guarantee you high quality traffic. On a daily basis, we also send out emails to our members to let them know if one of your objects matches their interests.

We only direct traffic to affiliated houses and dealers. That way, galleries and houses always own their deals, so after we've directed the traffic, they can attend to their customers. Each month we're able to provide our constantly growing group of affiliated houses and galleries with hundreds of thousands of buyers.

What others say about us

"It is rare in today’s market, to find a company like Barnebys, who believes as we do, that success truly comes from a top down vision to make the client’s needs the priority and follow through by providing a quality, effective and timely product. Barnebys products are driven by careful and current market data combined with thoughtful analysis. The product/service is cost conscious, flexible to a clients needs, and most importantly effective. Their openness and willingness to share important market trends and data truly show their commitment to their clients. Our representative is passionate, knowledgeable and responsive. Barnebys is part of our team and our success." 

Wade Terwilliger. President/Director of Marketing for Palm Beach Modern Auctions/Urban Culture Auctions, US

"We have been working very successfully with Barnebys for many years and appreciate the always professional advice regarding our wishes and concerns, which is also reflected in the success of our connected campaigns.“

Ferdinand Benedikt. Eppli - GIA GG, Member of the management, Eppli am Markt/Auktionshaus Juwelier e.K., Germany

"The quality of the editorial team, the efficient use of social media platforms, as well as the ability to  implement partnerships with key players of the art market are assets allowing Barnebys to contribute to the promotion of our sales in an effective manner."

Béatrice Epezy. Chief Marketing Project – Artcurial, France

"For years, our auction house has been working with satisfaction with Barnebys, an excellent showcase at an international level, a useful and functional website, something that did not exist before”

Cambi Auction House, Italy

"We have put our trust in Barnebys since the very beginning and are pleased with all their services. Thanks to their digital skills and their broad knowledge of the art market, they stand as a key partner!"

Romain Monteaux-Sarmiento. Head of communication – Tajan, France

Traci Lombardo
Business Development Manager US
+1 201 463 1646