A Rare Portrait of Mozart at Auction

A painting of a teenage Mozart, one of the rare portraits painted during his lifetime, will be auctioned by Christie's Paris this November. Preserved in a private collection, the work is estimated between $880,000-1.3 million.

A Global Treasure Chest

Millea Bros. upcoming auction features a wide range of unique items from around the world, including an African headdress, 19th century French armoires and a Picasso drawing.

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A Keith Haring Mural Heads to Auction

In the early 1980s, the crucifix was replaced by a mural in a Catholic youth center in Manhattan, and American pop artist Keith Haring was behind the work. Now parts of the mural will be auctioned off for millions. 

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Off to the Hunt

Shannon's upcoming auction features an excellent selection of American and European fine art, including a hunting scene painted at a Rockefeller estate.

A $60,000 Vintage Leica Camera For Sale

Does $60k for a camera sound crazy? Not if the camera in question is one of the first Leica M3 devices released from the factory in the 1950s. The model will be auctioned in November, and, according to experts, may even exceed its estimate.

Jeff Koons Plants His Tulips in Paris

After three years of negotiations and controversy, Jeff Koons’ monumental tulips have been unveiled in the gardens of the Petit Palais. However the work, a gift from the artist to the city of Paris after the attacks of 2015, hasn’t necessarily captured the hearts of all Parisians.

An Andy Warhol Ad at Auction

Poster Auctions International's upcoming sale features rare posters and lithographs from big names like Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Alphonse Mucha, Keith Haring and Andy Warhol.

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