Uno Vallman (1913–2004) Sweden

Visual artist Uno Vallman studied at Otto Sköld’s Painting School and at the Royal Instituteof Art. Vallman’s painterly style has been called “Vallminism” and the art is slightly naive, colorful and non-figurative, often with elements of symbolism. Sven X-et Erixson was a major source of inspiration for Vallman’s paintings, though he was also influenced by artists such as Isaac Grünewald and Asger Jorn. The connection to Asger Jorn pushed Vallman toward a more abstract design language with ornamental elements. Vallman had his breakthrough in 1947 at the exhibition “Ung Konst” (Young Art) in Stockholm and together with artists such as Lennart Rodhe, Lage Lindell and Olle Bonniér, Vallman was part of Sweden’s “men of 1947” who eventually developed concretism.

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