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UK Antiques

Antiques are often defined as collectibles over a century old, which show qualities such as rarity, good condition, beauty, quality, craftsmanship etc. Whilst items such as furniture and art conventionally are 100 years or older, cars are the exception to this rule; in the UK a vehicle must have been built at least 45 years ago to qualify for this title. Items crafted from antique porcelain, such as dinnerware, decorative ware and china dolls, are highly sought-after on the collectors' market; some of the most notable British manufacturers of antique porcelain include Wedgwood, Royal Worcester and Royal Crown Derby. On the used jewelry market, the terms antique and vintage can often be confused, with vintage generally being used for a piece between 50 to 100 years old. The Suffragette jewelry produced in early 20th century England is today coveted for its historical significance, as well as its elegant designs incorporating the purple, green and white colours of the Women's Social and Political Union.

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