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Tilda Lovell (1972-) Sweden

Tilda Lovell, a Swedish artist and sculptor, is active in Stockholm and Berlin. Lovell studied at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and at the Hovedskous school of art (Göteborgs konstskola). Lovell’s works often start with scavenged objects and fragments to which she gives new context. Materials may include objects such as bones, feathers and branches.
Lovell often works with installations and stages dreamlike worlds with a symbolism that shares common ground with depictions found in the portrayal of existence through fairy tales and myths. Lovell has had several solo exhibitions and group exhibitions throughout Sweden since 2003. She has also created public works such as the “MonkeyHat” in Landvetter Center, and “Flora and Fauna” in Solursgaraget (Sundial Garage) in Vällingby.

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