Otto Linding (1895-1966) Germany

Otto Linding was a German sculptor and ceramist. Linding is known for his tea and coffee sets in ceramic in modernistic and elegant designs, like the coffee cup L12. Linding was trained in ceramics and sculpture at various art schools in Germany in 1909-1918, and as an apprentice with sculptor Max Bechstein. In 1919, Linding studied sculptor at the Bauhaus school in Weimar, but in 1920 he switched careers, and started as a pottery apprentice at the Bauhaus School’s pottery annex in Dornburg.
Linding took over of the technical department of pottery in Dornburg from 1924 until 1925 when the Bauhaus School moved to Dessau. Then Weimar College of Crafts and Architecture took over the pottery and Linding became sole artistic director before even it was forced to shut down in 1930. Linding then took the workshop until 1947 when he instead accepted a pottery teacher position at the State College of Art in Hamburg (which later came to be called the Academy of Fine Arts).

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