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Otte Sköld (1894-1958) Sweden

Otte Sköld was a Swedish painter, draftsman and graphic artist. Sköld pursued art studies throughout much of his life, and studied at Althin’s Painting School, Wilhelmson’s Painting School, and at Tekniska Skolan in Stockholm, which is now called the University College of Arts, Crafts & Design. He was later a professor at the Swedish Academy of Fine Arts and director of Nationalmuseum. Sköld’s early work can be characterized by a Cubist style with certain futuristic elements. He later became a leader of the New Objectivity and painted detailed portraits and still lifes. Sköld also created several works of public art, such as Den Goda Jorden (The Good Earth), Vindens Saga (The Tale of the Wind), and numerous glass paintings and theater decorations. In 1929, Sköld and Åke Pernby opened Otte Sköld’s Painting School (called Pernby School of Painting from 1949).

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