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Marcus Larson (1825-1864) Sweden

Marcus Larson was a Swedish national romantic landscape painter and is considered a seminal figure in the evolution of nineteenth century art. Larson studied at the Antique School at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts in Stockholm, and after an exhibition in 1948, he was hired as an art teacher in Helsingborg. Larson took lessons in Copenhagen with Danish marine artist Vilhelm Melbye. In 1851, he was awarded the Academy’s Royal Medal for marine and landscape painting. In the mid-1950s, Larson received the Academy’s travel grant and thus traveled a great deal the following years. In Düsseldorf, he met Andreas Achenbach, who inspired the romantic focus of Larson’s work. Passionate, stormy landscapes are characteristic of Larson’s work. His art can be seen at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and at other Swedish and international museums.