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In 1832, Auguste of the high-profile Agassiz family set up his own watchmakers in the Swiss town of Saint-Imier; today Agassiz's passion for fine craft and elegant design is appreciated worldwide, with Longines stores located in over 150 countries. The name 'Longines' was given to the company by the founder's Nephew, Ernest Francillon, who acquired a site for the first factory named 'Les Longines' (long meadows). Longines has the oldest trademark registered to a watchmaker; the winged hourglass logo is a reflection of its long association with horse racing. Their timepieces have been used by jockeys, judges and spectators since the 19th century to precisely time the performance of the horse and rider. Popular collections for men include the 'Heritage' and the 'Hydroconquest', the former offering a timeless, elegant look, whilst the latter is a favorite amongst aqua sports enthusiasts for its water resistance and high performance.

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