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In 1953, three Spanish brothers set up a ceramics workshop in a small Valencian village, giving the company their family name of Lladró. Having initially produced functional items like vases and jugs, the company found great success with their decorative figurines. These early figurines were inspired by the 18th century creations of renowned European porcelain manufacturers, such as Meissen and Capodimonte. Over the course of Lladró's history, the company has released a number of popular collections; these collections depict various figures, including animals, ballerinas, angels, children playing, women at leisure etc. Romantic pieces such as 'Everlasting Love' and 'Endless Love' are often gifted to mark a wedding or anniversary. 14 years after the company's conception, the brothers launched the brand NAO, producing simpler figures in idyllic scenes. Today, Lladró pieces are exported worldwide but continue to be handmade in Spain.