Lennart Rodhe (1916-2005) Sweden

Lennart Rodhe is a Swedish artist born in 1916 in Stockholm. Rodhe studied at Edward Berggren’s school of art, and at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. He also traveled to Norway, France, Germany, Italy and Spain to study. The prevalent art influences in Paris had an impact on Rodhe while he was there, and he became a leading artist in concretism after returning home to Sweden. Rodhe participated in the exhibition “Ung Konst” (Young Art) in 1947 at the gallery Färg och Form in Stockholm. The artists featured in the exhibition used a relatively shared design idiom, each making an effort to move away from the naturalistic portrayals of people and nature of earlier generations. They specifically asserted the concrete reality of shapes and colors. The exhibition resulted in the coining of a new term: “concretists” or “the men of 1947” among art critics.

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