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Karl Isakson (1878-1922) Sweden

Karl Isakson, born in 1878, was a Swedish painter, though he was most active in Denmark. He grew up with meager means and became a painting apprentice at the young age of 13. At 15, Isakson began taking night classes in painting, and he later spent a period as an assistant to Carl Larsson.From 1897 to 1901, Isakson studied at the Swedish Academy of Fine Arts before taking his first trip to study abroad in 1902. While in Paris from 1905 to 1907, Isakson was heavily influenced by Gustave Moreau and Paul Cézanne, as well as by the Cubist works of Pablo Picasso. Isakson’s work came to be classified as early Modernist.As a result of depression and growing self-criticism, he more or less stopped showing after 1911, and in the end, he even stopped signing his work. Karl Isakson died in Copenhagen in 1922.