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Joan Miró (1893-1983) Spanien

Joan Miró was a Spanish painter, sculptor, and graphic artist. Miró was active in Paris and Barcelona, and both cities have art museums dedicated to his work.
Miró primarily worked with abstract painting and developed a style that moved further and further away from representational imagery. The breakthrough of his abstract art came in 1924 with a pictorial sign language in rhythmic patterns. Using symbols and associations, his motifs were characterized primarily by the human subconscious. In the 1930s, Miró’s work became increasingly playful and colorful. He also worked with lithography and etching; he made bronze, terracotta and colored sculptures, and created monumental paintings.

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Miró more than mirrored modernity

Joan Miró was born in Barcelona on April 20th, 1893. But it wasn’t until 1911, while on vacation with his family in Mont-Roig del Camp, that he decided to become an artist. He later said “Mallorca, Barcelona and Mont-Roig. From this triangle my art was born”. Miró more than mirrored modernity - he helped create it.


The surrealists and the subconscious

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