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Herend Porcelain

Despite originally being set up as a factory for the production of earthenware in the early 19th century, since 1839 the manufacturers in Herend has produced some of the finest examples of Hungarian porcelain. The hand painted and gilded designs on hard-paste porcelain soon gained the interest of the nation's aristocracy, prompting requests from notable figures including Queen Victoria and the Rothschild family. The specific pattern ordered by the British Queen, inspired by Chinese porcelain designs with colourful depictions of butterflies and flowers and finished with a gold edge, was named 'Victoria' in her honour. The company also naed their delicate bird design 'Rothschild' after their famous client. Herend continues to produce these early designs today alongside newer but traditionally-influenced patterns. The factory manufactures a wide range of fine products from dinner and decorative wares to jewellery and perfume bottles.

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