Hans Dahl (1849-1937) Norway

Hans Dahl is a Norwegian visual artist born in Granvin, Norway. Already as a child Dahl was interested in art and he was considered by those around him to possess artistic talent. Despite his interest in art, Dahl was unable to begin his art studies since military service in Sweden interfered. Upon completion of his officer training, Dahl traveled to Düsseldorf where he started his art education, shortly after which he held his first exhibition. Dahl settled in Berlin in 1888, but every summer he visited his home country, Norway. He had a summer residence built by the Sognefjord. Dahl's imagery is romanticized, with expansive beautiful landscapes and people with rosy cheeks. The best known paintings portray girls in national costume. Although Dahl was frequently attacked by his Norwegian colleagues for his reactionary style, the Norwegian people welcomed his art with open arms.

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Hans Dahl
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