Gustaf Cederström (1945-1933) Sweden

Gustaf Cederström was born in 1845 and was one of Sweden’s most popular nineteenth century historical painters.
Cederström studied in Stockholm, Düsseldorf and Paris. His best-known painting is perhaps the “Funeral procession of Charles XII” depicting the funeral procession back to Sweden after the king was shot dead in Norway in 1718. The painting was completed in the spring of 1878, in time to exhibit at the Paris World’s Fair, where it garnered an award, a medal of the second class. The painting was subsequently sold to Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich of Russia for 22,000 francs.
Cederström depicted the Caroline era in Swedish history with unparalleled precision in detail and with anecdotal elements of tragic nature.
A selection of his works can be viewed at Nationalmuseum and Waldemarsudde in Stockholm, as well as at museums in Gothenburg, Malmö, Lund and Uppsala.

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