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Georg Haupt (1741 -1784) Sweden

Georg Haupt was a Swedish craftsman and one of the most famous designers of Gustavian furniture. He is considered one of Sweden's most prominent furniture makers and craftsmen of all time. Haupt was a third-generation carpenter in Sweden in the Haupt family and began at the age of thirteen as an apprentice to master carpenter Johan Conrad Eckstein. He then served as a journeyman in London and Paris and was appointed royal cabinetmaker by King Adolphus Fredrick. During his years of training, Haupt worked exclusively with Rococo style furniture, but in Paris he became influenced by the neoclassical trend. When he later returned to Sweden and started his own business, his furniture reflected a mix of rococo and neoclassicism, but over the years his work leaned increasingly toward the neoclassical. Haupt is most famous for his bureaus, but he also created many other types of furniture, often with drawers, such as secretaries.
Haupt’s work is best known for its good proportions and high quality, as well as the rich ornamentation covering much of the furniture surface.
Haupt’s work is represented at Nationalmuseum, Nordiska Museet, the Royal Palace, and the National Museum of Finland.