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Felix Gonzales-Torres (1957-1996) Cuba

Felix Gonzalez-Torres was born in 1957 in Cuba. He grew up in Spain and in Puerto Rico, where he studied at the University of Puerto Rico. In 1979 he received a fellowship that enabled him to move to New York to continue to pursue his studies.
Gonzalez-Torres is best known for his sculptures and installations, which use unexpected materials such as strings of light bulbs, clocks, stacks of paper, or packaged hard candies. His work was influenced to some extent by birth, death and the disease AIDS, which he contracted. In many cases, the actual process of creation is an important part of the artwork.
González-Torres work “Untitled” (Portrait of Marcel Brient) was sold for USD 4,600,000 in 2010 at Phillips de Pury & Company, which was a new record for the artist at auction.