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Einar Jolin (1890–1976) Sweden

Swedish artist Einar Jolin was born and raised in Stockholm. He was one of many artists who traveled to Paris where he studied at the Académie Matisse.
Together with others such as Leander Engström, Isaac Grünewald and Sigrid Hjertén, he belonged to the Jolin group of Matisse-inspired artists who became the breakthrough generation for Swedish modernism. Jolin held several exhibitions together with the group “De Unga” (The Young Ones). When the group broke up, he formed the group “The Eight” in 1911, which included artists such as Grünewald, Hjertén and Engström.
In the mid-1930s Jolin broke away from the modernist group. He abandoned the modernist narrative painting about a new era and instead began to paint extravagant people, fashion, interiors and Stockholm motifs in a soft color palette. He painted a modern lifestyle that would radiate tranquility, harmony and luxury. One recurring motif was the view from his studio at Katarinaberget in Stockholm.
Jolin’s work is represented in spaces including Moderna Museet in Stockholm.

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Einar Jolin Arild Modern konst
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