Dinky Toys

Dinky is a toy brand that was produced by Meccano Ltd. The miniature vehicles were made between 1935 to 1979. During the production years a vast number of vehicles were produced such as airplanes like the Spitfire and Sikorsky S-42, ships, military vehicles, sportscars like the MG Magic Midget and the Morris Oxford, ambulances, a Daimler saloon and a Rolls-Royce saloon. In the post war era Meccano Ltd expanded the range of Dinky Toys to a series called Dinky Supertoys in the usual scale of 1:48. This series is probably one of the most sought series amongst collectors. Some models issued in the Dinky Supertoys series is the Foden Flat Truck, Leyland Tanker ”Esso”, Foden 8 wheel tanker ”Mobilgas” and Leyland Tanker ”Shell BP”

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