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Christian Berg (1893-1976) Sweden

Christian Berg studied at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm from 1915 to 1919, where he created realistic paintings with a focus on the wilderness. Berg was strongly influenced by his travels through Egypt and Greece in the 1920s, where he became acquainted with modern art and the ancient Egyptian sculptures. He also traveled to Paris, where he developed close ties to the artistic community surrounding Fernand Léger.
Berg transitioned from his earlier post-cubist painting to become a sculptor where the classical influence is apparent in his torso sculptures, which he created in various formats and materials from 1926 onwards.
Berg participated at the 1930 Stockholm Exhibition, where his largest work based on the theme Monumental Sculpture, and perhaps also his most austere in terms of shape, could be viewed. The sculptor considered to have had the greatest influence on Berg was Alexander Archipenko, though Constantin Brancusi and Alberto Giacometti also seem to have provided significant inspiration.

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