Carriage Clocks

The origins of the carriage clock are intertwined with French political history, as these timepieces are thought to have been first created for the notorious Emperor Napoleon. Swiss horologist Abraham Louis-Breguet - founder of the luxury watch manufacturer, Breguet - is said to have invented the clock in 1812. The clock was designed for travelling purposes, made transportable by its small size and handle on top. Traditionally, the clock case is formed from brass, but can also feature materials such as enamel, porcelain, gold, silver, chrome, crystal and oak. Notable makers include luxury English jewelers, Garrard & Co., as well as Tiffany & Co. Carriage clocks have varying desirable features, like alarms, chimes and quartz technology. Antique carriage clocks are sought-after for their fine craftsmanship and original mechanical technology.

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