Bracket Clock

Timekeeping has been a human practice for thousands of years, with the earliest sundial dating to 15th century BC Egypt. The 17th century saw drastic developments in clock design, with the introduction of innovative designs such as the longcase clock and the bracket clock. Early bracket clocks were coveted for their precision and accuracy, using a small pendulum as its timekeeping element. The pendulum was fixed inside a small clock designed to slot into a wall bracket; however, these clocks were also commonly placed on surfaces such as tables. The bracket clock was also popular for its transportability, featuring a handle on its top to allow the clock to be carried between rooms - essential during a period when timekeeping devices were expensive items. Antique bracket clocks are sought after on the collectors' market for their elegant designs and fine craftsmanship, with many examples being made from fine materials such as ebony and tortoise shell.

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