The invention of the bicycle has been a topic surrounded by much dispute, with various persons of the 19th century being credited as the creator. The bicycle is thought to have its origins in Europe, and was developed throughout the 1800s to become the two-wheeled, pedal-driven vehicle used today by billions worldwide. There are many types of bicycle for different purposes available on the market, ranging from BMX sports bikes to leisure tandem bicycles. The most popular bike model - and vehicle - in the world is the Flying Pigeon; it was launched in 1950 by the Chinese company of the same name, with over 500 million having been produced and sold worldwide. Since the mass-production of bikes was introduced, many have suggested a decline in quality. As a result, vintage restored bicycles have become a popular option amongst cyclists. Popular brand include Schwinn, Peugeot, Bianchi and Western Flyer.

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