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Bengt Lindström (1925–2008) Sweden

Bengt Lindström was a Swedish artist, born in a remote village in Norrland in 1925. He studied at Isaac Grünewald's art school in Stockholm, as well as in Denmark and the US. For many years, he lived and worked in Paris where he held many exhibitions.
In the 1950s, Lindstrom had ties to the Cobra movement in France. The Cobra movement promoted spontaneity in artistic experiments. The movement inspired Lindström to develop a painting technique that subsequently became associated with him. His paintings have many thick superimposed layers of paint applied with coarse brushstrokes. He frequently uses strong colors and his motifs resemble caricature-like figures.
Lindström has produced several public art works in the form of murals and sculptures. One of his most famous works is the large Y that can be seen at the entrance to the Midlanda airport outside Timrå. In addition to painting, Lindstrom has also worked in other materials, including glass and metal.
Lindström’s art is currently on display at several museums around the world, including in Sweden, France, Germany and Denmark.