Barr Flight

Some 30 years after its founding, the Worcester porcelain factory was bought by Thomas Flight in 1783; his death shortly followed, leaving the company under the control of his sons, John and Joseph. After a visit from King George III in 1788, the once-struggling factory received the Royal Warrant, resulting in the company coming to be known as Royal Worcester. After the death of John, Martin Barr became a partner at the company; during the Flight & Barr partnership, the porcelain manufactured by the company was improved significantly, with developments in the glaze and durability of the porcelain's body. Barr's sons, Martin Jr. and George, later joined Royal Worcester, bringing even greater success for the company after their father's death. Under the Barr, Flight & Barr partnership, customized porcelain services were created for wealthy clients, often depicting their own properties. Royal Worcester received further royal recognition, with the Prince of Wales coveting the opulent dessert services produced by the company.

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