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Antique Tables

The table has been used by humans for thousands of years, serving a variety of purposes from entertaining guests to displaying possessions. Numerous types of tables can be found around the average household, varying from the coffee table in the living room to the dressing table in the bedroom. The most common use for the table from antiquity up to the modern day has been dining, with most homes reserving a separate space - the dining room - to hold a large table with multiple seats. In previous centuries, tables were excellently crafted from opulent materials, including rich woods like oak and mahogany, and often finished with luxurious leather and marble tops. Attention to detail was key for design, with antique tables often boasting intricately carved legs, draws and edges. Antique tables are highly sought after for this high level of craftsmanship and their incredible beauty, as well as the element of history they bring to a room.