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  • USA
  • 1996-12-15
About the object
The gold plated brittania statue with the engraved front plaque, ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURE ARTS AND SCIENCES FIRST AWARD 1934; between the base and the statue the engraved band CLARK GABLE. Under the base of the statue, the circular engraved plaque ACADEMY FIRST AWARD TO CLARK GABLE FOR HIS PERFORMANCE IN IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT--12 in. high; together with a black and white photograph of Mr. Gable holding his Academy Award the night he received it in Hollywood--10 x 8 in.

Although Clark Gable will always be remembered for his portrayal of the dashing blockade runner "Rhett Butler" in Gone With The Wind, it would be for a role he did not want to accept that he would win Hollywood's highest Award. The actor starred as the just-fired reporter who chases runaway heiress Claudette Colbert across the country on a madcap journey. In classic "boy meets girl" style, Frank Capra's directing effort firmly established Columbia Studios as a major Hollywood studio. Considered one of the first screwball comedies of the Thirties, It Happened One Night made an overnight sensation of the thirty three year old Clark Gable, who was loaned out to Columbia from M.G.M. for the project. Louis B. Mayer thought so little of the film that he felt it "punishment" for the actor who had pleaded sick to Mayer before beginning his last film. It would be the only Academy Award that the "King Of Hollywood" would ever receive in his illustrious forty year career.
The film is noted for several progressive moments, including the classic "Walls Of Jericho" scene where Gable and Colbert throw a throw a blanket over a rope to separate their motel room as they undress; the actor takes his shirt off to reveal that he is not wearing an undershirt. Reaction to the scene was so strong by the movie going public that sales of men's undergarments allegedly dropped 40.

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