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  • USA
  • 1996-12-15
About the object
A wooden ROSEBUD sled from the film directed by and starring Orson Welles. The antique hardwood sled is constructed of painted pine, the red painted seat with the stencilled word ROSEBUD above a stencilled single flower; the seat fastened to the two sled runners on three horizontal wooden bars--34¾ x 15½ in.
In the opening scene of this classic film, tycoon "Charles Foster Kane" is on his deathbed at Xanadu, his decaying estate. As he dies, the snowglobe he was holding slips from his hand and shatters. He utters one last word, "ROSEBUD." Thus begins the journey and genius of Citizen Kane, as reporter "Thompson" searches for the mysterious meaning behind the last word of the publishing magnate. As the story unfolds, we learn that ROSEBUD is but the cherished memory of a young boy's snow sled. The mastery of Orson Welles' storytelling and direction is evident throughout the film using flashbacks, newsreel footage and superior editing. The ROSEBUD sled is certainly one of the most iconic film props of all time, from an American cinema masterpiece. The sled is accompanied by two black and white photographs of Arthur Bauer receiving the sled from RKO actress Bonita Granville, one signed; and a black and white photograph from the film, also signed by the actress--8 x 10 in. and similar.

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