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  • USA
  • 1996-09-21
About the object
A near mint to mint example of the famed T-206 Honus Wagner portrait card, one of only two known with a Piedmont back. The card was withdrawn from circulation after Wagner objected to being associated with tobacco. An article in the Sporting News in 1912 reported that Wagner had returned a check sent to him for the use of his image. The card is the most sought after item in all of sports collecting. This example, the finest known, was previously sold at auction in 1991 for $451,000 to hockey star Wayne Gretzky and Los Angeles Kings owner Bruce McNall. In 1995 the card was sold for use in a Wal-Mart promotional giveaway for a reported $500,000. In February, 1996 the winners name was selected on CNN's Larry King Show - Patricia Gibbs of Florida, who has consigned her prize to this sale. The card is the best known sports collectible in the world.

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