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The Godfather, 1972

  • USA
  • 2005-06-30
About the object
The Godfather, 1972
Marlon Brando's working script for The Godfather, the revised script with 73 pp. of mimeographed typescript, the black paper cover gilt-stamped THE GODFATHER, with approximately 17 pages annotated in pencil in Brando's hand with amendments to and comments on the script and notes regarding the characterization of Don Corleone, notes include:
- p.28: next to the paragraph of Don Corleone's speech But would he risk everything, run the risk of losing all, on a matter of honor, for revenge, Brando has added What about his balls;
- p. 39: in Kay and Michael's hotel room, Brando notes With Kay, good opportunity to inject elements of his relationship with his Father;
- on the reverse of the last page, Brando has made some further notes
#through the nose
#High voice
#Nose broken early in youth to account for difficulty
#Mihecl's discision [sic] to kill
#Broken nose Sonny
#Mickel [sic] p. 140 refus. to war

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