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James I Shilling 1st coinage MM lis

  • GBR
  • 2015-02-11
About the object
James I Shilling 1st coinage MM lis, holed at 5 o'clock, bust worn Poor, rev. better AFine, 2nd coinage MM rose, misstruck obv. legend, creased Fine; MM crown, no inner circles, tiny piercing through centre, obv. scratches, 5.63g; MM triangle in circle, irregular flan, 5.76g & MM triangle in circle, clipped, 5.3g, all with weak busts but better revs & bust issue, no inner circles, MM tun & 1st coinage MM bell, bust weak, obv. scratches; generally Fair to VG unless o/wise graded half groat Charles I, 3 x shillings: Ireland, James I shilling

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