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Sèvres porcelain guéridon

  • USA
  • 2007-11-09
About the object
A magnificent Empire Ormolu-Mounted Sèvres porcelain guéridon 'Table des Palais Royaux'
1811-1817, commissioned by Napoleon I, signed Robert 1816 and inscribed Manufre Royale de Sevres 1816, The circular porcelain top decorated with a central roundel depicting the Chateau des Tuileries; the outer roundels depicting: the Château de St. Cloud, arrival of the household; Château de Meudon, a party on horseback; Château de Versailles, the arrival of the household in the background; Château de Trianon, boating on the Grand Canal; the Château de Compiègne; the Château de Rambouillet, a hunting party; Château de St. Germain, arrival of the household and the Château de Fontainebleau, a hunting party; fitted with a protective glass panel and surrounded by a deep ormolu border chased with palmettes, the ormolu frieze mounted with laurel swags and palmettes interspaced by ribbon-tied acanthus wreaths enclosing the arms of France and Navarre; raised on a gilt palm-shaped support with platinum pearls, the spreading base encircled by fruiting grape vines and with scrolling acanthus leaves and platinum leaves surrounded by an ormolu border and raised on a square ormolu plinth.
Height 37 1/2 in.; diameter 40 3/4 in.; base 22 5/8 in. square
92 cm; 103.5 cm; 57 cm

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