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  • USA
  • 2003-11-18
About the object
A piece of paper with John Lennon's handwritten lyrics to the Beatles' song 'Nowhere Man.' Penned in black ballpoint ink, the manuscript reads in full:

1) He's a real Nowhere Man
Sitting in his nowhere land
Making all his nowhere plans
for nobody
Nowhere Man please listen
You don't know what your [sic] missing
Nowhere Man the world is at your

2) Doesn't have a point of view
Knows not where he's going to
Isn't he a bit like you and me
Nowhere Man don't worry
Take your time don't hurry
Leave it all till [sic] somebody else
lends you a hand

3) He's as blind as he can be
Just sees what he wants to see
Nowhere Man can you see me at all?

This is not a work-in-progress set of lyrics, rather it is the finished song that Lennon neatly wrote out and then used during the recording session at Abbey Road Studios in October 1965.

'Nowhere Man' is considered by many to be one of Lennon's most important songs lyrically as it represents a turning point in the evolution of The Beatles. It was their first song not directly dealing with romantic love and it opened the doors for the Beatles (as well as numerous other groups) to address more serious and poignant issues in pop songs. It is no surprise that Lennon composed this song alone; the subject matter of alienation and sadness is typical of many of his compositions. When asked about the song, he said it was about himself and that he was the 'Nowhere Man.' Although John Lennon seems like the antithesis of a 'Nowhere Man' now, knowing that he sometimes felt like this just adds another dimension to his already complex legend.
10 x 7 inches
Please note the paper has been folded three times, has tea stains in the lower left-hand corner and has slight staining throughout, though the handwriting is not affected.

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